4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Wooden Comb vs. Plastic Comb vs. Metal Pick

What’s going on fellas, this is a boy be with the beard.

I’m still bringing you guys some great information so you can keep your swag going. I’ve got a lot of questions from you fellows and one of the questions that i receive one is. Why should i use a wooden comb versus a wooden I mean I’m sorry uh a metal pic vs plastic comb. And make this quick because I got four reasons for reasons why you should use a wooden combs to go comb.

You wouldn’t call for reasons why number one it massages. Your face which then stimulates blood flow stimulating blood flow and stimulation following you stimulate your follicles. You promote your hair to grow. Number two is to prevent your hair from drying out, so that means and that the reason why is because it distributes boy you even leave the Roger here.

Number three is unlike your metal pic and your plastic comb it doesn’t produce strategy. Is wood and two things when you produce that in your beard hair it does. Two things one it it creates split ends which displays your hair in two different directions. Went in and that damages and follicles which you need to follow to grow your hair.

And number two is snags you’re here pull your hair that’s why would you pick in whatever direction. Are you call me over here you got hair left a bunch of hair left and you’re picking your call me you gotta pull it out and dump it in the trash. You’re picking your hair up and you try to grow it so you’re doing the opposite of what you want to do the results rather.

Number four, man wouldn’t combs are the best fall for your course and your curly hair. Why because it has wide teeth so make sure you get  a wooden comb get it with whitey man. This is the best way to tangle in your hair and getting some nights out man it.

I tell you man I stand behind this. I truly do I truly do so if you guys want to know. where you can get you can go to black man beards. I’m sorry you can go to black men’s groomingdin.com and pick your wooden comb this is pretty much. What it looks like guys you see the teeth of why you want wide teeth. You know you don’t want anything that’s like this that’s going to destroy hair. Go to black man’s groomingdin.com go pick you up comb also i left a link in the bottom. With that leave your comments at the bottom subscribe if you have it tell your friends tell your family this on the kids still bring some high information continue to let me know. What you guys with us to continuously questions i’ll also text me.

I have an open door policy my numbers is 4242721580. Have an open-door policy and put that number down at the bottom. As well so my texting me calling with your questions. All questions of good questions and me I with that said this is a boy be with the beard I’m still bring you some high information, i am out.


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