Tips to Applying Moustache Wax Like a Boss

So you are looking for applying moustache wax like a boss, watch the video tutorial below!


Everyone the beard band in here today with a tutorial on how to apply mustache wax like a boss. As a follow up to how to apply. Well like a boss so running with the theme I’ve got wildwood mustache wax today. Last video you saw me apply beard oil I got something right now just got out the shower. So if you missed that video i’ll put a link on the screen for you here.

And but getting into mustache wax I know how long you guys been asking for this video. It’s here today I’ve got a couple other mustache related videos coming. But today we’re just going to focus on applying mustache wax. Now what is mustache wax? well my mustache wax has three main ingredients. These wax lanolin and jojoba oil or jojoba oil depending on how you want pronounce things. And these are all natural ingredients are some mustache wax has come with petroleum based products petroleum jelly Vaseline.

I like it all natural approach was all my products especially when you’re dealing with things that are around your mouth you know and that’s going to be wearing there all day like wax on your face. And if you’re not familiar with lanolin. Lanolin is from sheep’s wool it’s like it’s a wax that they secrete and it is fantastic stuff for both your hair and your skin.

Actually provides sheep’s wool with that waterproof coating that they have. So it’s a really interesting thing for it to happen wax and started all of my moustache wax that i carry on my website the You haven’t checked that out make sure you check out my website everything’s on there then we’ll be covering today. But we’re going to get into it about why you need mustache wax. How to apply it and how to get it done?

So when people think of wax for the mustache everyone always thinks about you note world ends nice curls designs and that’s the first thing most people think of when they hear mustache wax. And they think well I don’t need that kind of the thing unless i have really long hair. But the trick is you can start using mustache wax pretty early on. Especially once your hair started disobeying you. And they’re starting to not lay down flat anymore i like that.

You can start using wax on your mustache. Now this could be anywhere from me be like half an inch to three quarters of an inch in length. It’s when your mustache start to disobeying you is when you want to start using a wax product on it. That way you keep things nice and neat everything’s lined up and that’s what you’re looking for it.

So don’t just get to thinking that I just need to have long ends. That are you know four inches long in order to use wax. No but as long as you’re here starting to get a little wild myself what stop putting them in order so that’s what we’re doing here today. I just got out the shower I put some beard oil into the beard up a little bit into the mustache.

I like to have a fully dried off my mustache not a lot of oil in order to put the wax on because that way the wax really adhere to the hairs really well. It’s just too much oil on it or it’s too wet from being I dance in the shower. It’s harder for the wax to really get on to those hairs and get to what you want to do. So it’s really simple stuff i’m going to show you how it’s done. How I’ve come to do it i’m sure there’s other ways that people like to apply it.

But i’m gonna show you how I’ve come to do it over the years and what works for me. First of all money on mustache wax comes in these tubes these are like you know something you’d see for lip balm or chapstick. Makes it really easy to carry around because I used to carry out my wax on it tins. And chances are i would always leave it at home I’d say forget it won’t bring around with me.

Really simple stuff has been keeping your pockets shaped like a nice little over here. It’s a twist up tube so it’s really easy to use. So what I do is pop the top off waxes in here wildwood to match the while we’re going to happen here. Now I’ve got a mirror in front of me to make things a little bit easier for me today.

And what you want to do is just take it take your thumb, thumbnail just like this just come across the top scrape around the back of that thumbnail. You see right here I do like a little close up for you guys can see. When do the transfer over into my finger at me pointing finger take my other.

Think of my other hand the main ingredients beeswax and with a little bit of friction. Beeswax will start to loosen up for you. Because it does melt a hundred forty degrees so it doesn’t take that much for it to start to become malleable. Just move back and forth like this little fancy there so i have it just on my my thing is just like this now what I’m going to do is. I’m going to come in i just kind of find with the middle of my mustache is just like this.

And then I pull it out like that I’m gonna do it again down here just like that ok. Now i put my fingers over to the top do it again. So I can all I think is in there so now all of the year that started to cum covered. I just keep on pulling out and pull it out again just try and get in here.

Now just like the beard oil how to apply it like a boss. Boss always needs tools this is the key right here at the mustache comb. It is ridiculously small comically small but there’s no other cold out there that’s going to do this kind of job that. I’ve tried with other columns to try and sneak by so i could use at home.

This will save you so much frustration when you’re applying my special acts it gets crazy. so again I’m not the You purchase this along with your wax makes life so much more simple. So I’ve just done one run through already and you just saw so when we do now is going to take the comb and become completely sideways like this. Just to start getting that wax more evenly distributed.

Because if you’re just using your fingers you’re not going to get the wax evenly distributed. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to get like clumps in there we’re certain hairs and be really clumped together take a look kind of odd. and it’s not like you want you want more of a nice distributed look here. You can see here that my first pass already.

Things are already getting pretty good here. And again I can just take a box in there is keep on pulling it through. Now my mustache hasn’t been trimmed in quite a while because I’ve been growing it out and not trimming it at all in order to do that. How to treat my mustache video so it’s going to look a little while that’s going to play well to show you how well what’s mustache wax can work for your mustache.

So what I do now is now that i’ve gone out to the sides. I we’re more of a natural style mustache which means it’s a nothing too fancy but it’s kinda flexed out. So what I do is I start at the top here kind of pull down and out to the side like this. And move down and out to the sides like this. Same with the other side here. What kind of put it down in a way all the way to the ends. You can see already how much has put things into control.

You can see my ends here oh absolutely wild which is a good thing. But i can bring into more control. So that’s one pass with just a little bit on my finger of just working that in. This is typically the the style that we’re out. I probably this little bit more controlled by me. Show you what we’re going to do. If i knew i was going on say to a restaurant is gone for the evening news and eating and drinking somewhere.

And I wanted to kind of wear something where I have a little more access to my mouth. Where this is just me kind of Full Flex mode how boss mode civil war style kind of you know full coverage everything’s kind of in line. So what I would do is if I know I’m going to go out to eat and I’m like a journey with the. Let’s make sure that can make myself a total mess at dinner tonight.

I’ll do another pass ok. So again just like so and again work it in. Now you can do this as many times as you want to get to the desired effect you’re looking for. Because I go for a lot of coverage with my mustache so I don’t trim in here which you can trim and i’ll get to that in the next video.

So again I want to use my comb can already see house is already changing the whole entire shape of the mustache. Now what’s going to happen sometimes is your notice little flakes in your mustache. When using mustache wax and a comb. And that’s because the mustache wax is very sticky. It’s going to pull out any kind of a flaky skin that you have in your mustache is gonna bring it to the forward. And some people call that much – dandruff.

Perfectly normal you do not need to go run to the dermatologist or your doctor. That’s you don’t have any disease right then crazy going on is just completely normal. It’s kinda you just kind of brush away with your fingers just get it out ok. So I’m going to eat gonna go to a nice restaurant and you see how much more coverage i had with my mouth right now this is a brush to the side.

Simple as that now if I want to keep on going like I said you can do this as many times as you want. So let’s have a little fun with it. So we’re going to third pass now and keep in mind the more wax that you put in the hard it’s gonna be to come out which can be a good thing and can play to your advantage actually.

Say you’re going out a day on the boat or you’re going to get the beach and it’s going to be a lot of water around. Because it’s going to come up with a waterproof kind of situation. Now my mustache isn’t designed to curl. I’m not cut or tapered my hairs on paper and cut to do and kind of curling. And I’ll cover that in the next video.

For those interested in doing some crazy designs big shout out to our building this Finnegan. Good friend over at WBC and Boston had me in the studio the other day for a little interview about the beard band. The beard man website Thanks for plugging my brother and he’s got great mustache great curls. So as I said this this growth out here is probably close to eight months.

Listen to me something I went where are the house. But you get the idea of what you can accomplish with moustache wax. So it’s something fun so you see it’s really simple really straightforward it’s so something fun to do. You always looking to switch things up with my statutes style it’s. As simple as a simple as that. So got any questions let me know. Hit me up on Facebook pick up your wild with moustache wax on the

But most important do not forget to get yourself a comb. This is the key this is boss mode right here is getting on these little. Guys will see you so much frustration. Taking my special whole new level and do you want to queue up the parade.  Get the marching band in town for yourself. And taking these days out in town until then i’ll talk to you guys later.

Have a great day.


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