Beards in Hollywood, Grooming Tips, Wisdom, Beard Encouragement, and Bloopers

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So let me just cover one of the topics that i have about beards and Hollywood and how it’s cool that beard to be more popular lately. And it’s an encouragement for people demand to grow their beard. And i think that it’s also the very reason. Why we don’t have beards is a lot of because of who is popular in Hollywood and promoting youth. And how its just me blown out of proportion.

We want to see stories interesting stories about young people actually. Think its the most exciting part of a persons life. If they are youth and the adventures they go on. So I think that as we portray that use that Hollywood it makes everybody’s feel like that’s the way they want to look. I know myself watching a movie that its hard not to want to be clean shaven.

Because I want to put myself in the shoes of the starling be and it’s good now there are a lot more stars with beards on screen, TV and movies. Everywhere becoming acceptable and i think they’ve been unacceptable. And then we just weren’t a something that we allowed ourselves to imagine ourselves of the beard we were just talking very beginning shaved off shave every day. S i have been on this journey to find out what beards before in the first place.

And so here i am making videos just to enjoy it. I just love, i love talking about things that looks founding on and gathering information. Having thoughts and expressing them. And you tube is like this place where i can get automatic viewers people who are willing to sit there and listen to me talk about it. I am getting you know giving confidence as i go when and also learning about what to do what not to do. Infact that i got to a point this morning work where i do i make videos all.

I thought this is just stupid. I might be making videos. Why should i just stop and its too fun for me to give up. Then next thing was about grooming. A lot of people have questions about grooming hair. How to groom your beard and as i have gone along i have learned. I didn’t even know where many people that had a beard at all. Although they are cool but i did not know you just don’t understand. And now that i have a beard i am understanding more. How natural they are and how i do take care of and every link they had.

A different kind of brush, a different kind of strategy for getting myself to look nice and presentable and so i had some tips. Some of the tips i know i have said before about carry lots of napkins. If you have got a big beard you have to carry napkins with you. And wipe your face every time you take it. Take a wipe and especially your eating soup. Soup tend to like dribble down the soul patch and create coastal crusties down here. So you gotta capture those while its moist and wipe that off.

And you can also have dry skin makes your face itching. If your face itching, the right thing you do is drink lots of water. I think drinking lots of water is the way get your skin moisture. Its one of the first sign that you are dehydrating with your lips dry and crack. And so if your skin is itchy you need to drink more water. There are always you can put lotion and rubbin moisturizer and things to your face, a dry face and that would really help. So i found that if i just drink a lot water i have a lot i have less itching on my face. I don’t like to brush my beard out too often.

I think it starts to get fluffy and its also sad seeing all the hairs from my beard in the brush. Makes me thing how many hairs coming out. I don’t understand how it works. It seems like it should be gone by now as much hair comes out of my beard out while brush it. Nothing that i used a detangler. I have sprayed the detangler on my beard and straight it out. In the morning i had this bent beard.

Sometimes it bent in the morning it wont straighten out. Let’s take a shower, the shower does help but i don’t like to have too many showers with soap. Because i think soap and shampoo dry it out and take away the nature oil. I think there’s natural oils that are in face and your beard that keep it soft. So what i do is instead of showering i use the way down a bit and put it here at the tangler spray.

They get it beauty supply store or walmart wherever place to shop. And you sprayed in there and brush it out and it helps to keep the tangles out of chin. And nothing is safety as longer it gets. You know i am carrying around something that can snag on things. And that you know my wife plays on. Laying next to sometimes she lays put her elbows on my beard and i can’t get up.

And have to take care as you go about your work with heavy machinery tie it up or something that will make a little up pull it all the way in someway you can. So those are my tips, my beard tips, my encouragement. I want to start a segment called bearded encouragement. Basically i would first like to encourage you if you’re a man that has a facial hair to grow up your beard. Why not its there its natural.

And the other thing is everybody has a beard. Every man that had a beard looks a certain way and you should just own whatever way that is. What however it looks just accept it and you know i want to look like gandalf but i don’t have gandalf beard. I would look like some guys that really cool big large beard grow out like this. And i dont have that beard so i have grow what i grow and as long as you just kind of accept it.

Then you will be better off and nobody’s gonna think there themselves. Why you don’t have so and so’s beard, they are gonna look at your beards and say wow that’s a great beard. Having confidence in it is a big part of it. Good luck and thanks for watching.

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