Beginner Beard Growth Tips: Phase One

I wish this only took me 2 weeks to grow out.

Hey guys, My name is Mark Humphreys, welcome to MarksBucket. It is the month of November, and you know what that means, Facial hair, and on all the guys, everyone is kind of trying it out, and some of you might be trying it out for the very first time, either because you personally are supporting Movember, or No Shave November for the American Cancer Society, or your company is, and they’re kind of letting you go free.

All the guys kind of growing out their beards. So I have some beginner tips on, for some of you, to kind of grow out your beards, the right way. First of all, you need to get past the itchy phase, as hard as that may seem and as irritating as it can get, just get past it and once it gets to that phase, shampooing your beard can be the best solution. Because it makes your beard so much softer, and it makes the skin underneath your beard much healthier. Therefore, causing less itch.

Once you get past that itchy phase, it also starts to grow out. And then you start playing with it. There’s not really a term for it, but once you start picking at it, I don’t know, I call it beard masterbation because sometimes you just cannot stop, especially when it’s like a fresh and new thing, and you just can’t stop playing with it So, just stop masturbating your beard because once you start picking at it, and kind of stroking it, then it starts to break down those hair follicles and they are easier to fall out. So then you get something like this where you get a hole in your beard.

So this is my favorite spot because I’m right handed. I drive right handed, and then I just start picking at this one spot in particular. And sure enough it has just kind of eroded, and kind of caused a gap in my beard. So then, you kind of cover that up. This can be a major problem when you first start growing out your beard because you don’t really have anything to cover it up. But once it grows out Then sure enough, it fades itself back in, and then you can kind of just brush it down and cover up those trouble areas.

Same with a spotty beard, you just gotta grow it out and kind of cover it up. And just make sure that it’s all nice and tight. This problem is preventable, because what makes you pick at those hair follicles is the fact. That the hair is actually breaking down, and it causes split ends, and those are the things that you actually want to pull out And something to prevent that, is a beard oil, or, if you’re as cheap as me, you just have to get something like Coconut Oil. So, Coconut Oil you can find at any pharmacy.

It’s really good for you hair and for your beard, and it kind of prevents those split ends Obviously you can get crazy with the beard oil that you make yourself or that you buy. It only come in like a 1-2oz jar, or like a little tube and it can cost like 12 bucks. So if you just buy coconut oil, it comes in like this huge jar, and it’s about like, I don’t know, maybe 10 bucks for this entire thing, and it’ll last you a long time You can cook with it, you can put it on your nails, you can use it as a lotion.

There’s so many different applications. So it defintely goes a long way when you buy a tub. My favorite part about using Coconut Oil, is that it actually comes as a solid. So you just take a little bit, put it in between your hands rub it so that it kind of melts. Because it has a melting point of like 78 degrees. So it really doesn’t take much of anything to melt.

So you just mix it in between your beard and it really just makes it shiny, and it really makes your beard just stand out. When you walk outside and it is below 78 degrees, it makes your beard feel like it is frozen. Because every part of that beard oil that is above 78 degrees automatically comes right back to a solid. So it makes your feel every follicle of your beard, and it really is awesome! Just add it to the list of the many benefits of having a beard. No shave November doesn’t mean no trim November.

It means you need to shape your beard. So that you go from not looking like you’re homeless to being the sexy masculine beard grower that you are. I have so many more tips for growing beards. If you want me to produce more videos just like this. Let me know in the comments below. Also comment below if you have your own tips for overcoming beard masturbation, or if you already know some other tips and tricks. And how to make it easier on you. Thanks so much for watching guys! Please hit that like and subscribe button below, and I’ll see you in a different video!


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