Black Men’s Beard Solo Noir Product Review

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Wats up this is boy B with the beard. Today doing a product review solo noir. Solo noir you can find in Solo noir has four steps that i personally go to. I told you before is how very important it is to have a daily facial routine. A1 your face is going to look a whole lot younger with your skin it’s not going to irritate it’s not going to dry it out and so on and so forth.

So we solo noir is going to help it if you have an acne so its gonna prevent acne also help with preventing ingrown hairs and hidden ingrown hairs hyperpigmentation. If you’re experiencing hyperpigmentation so those are some of the great benefits with solo noir. That I enjoy and I like about it so there’s four steps to the four-step process that i go through is.

One using the facial cleanser which is called daffer. You can see this is really great is going to wash your skin, clean your skin and your beard without stripping away your natural oils that is it so important. You don’t use products that stripping away your natural oil. As I just get becomes dry grill and it’s just it’s just a horrible look. Second thing you want to do is fine now this is more of a exfoliators. So if you have when you’re experiencing really bad ingrown hairs razor bumps so on and so forth you want to exfoliate.

Exfoliate is very important you put that into tool book your daily routine. Hey is going to our skin we are here does that because this was curly in this course on times your shaving with the razor or electric razor you’re snapping or you’re chopping off for you pulling it’s not even the hair from your snagging pulling hair. The hair grows back and grows into the skin increases plus. It has painful ingrown hairs want to exfoliate to three times a week no more net 2 3 times week.

So make sure you add to your book as well. Thirdly is smooth. Product smooth this is a conditioner this is really good. You need condition you something this is very light so you need something that’s gonna conditioning your skin with some nutrients. Have a ton of different oils and heard that is very beneficial not only for your beard also for your skin. You want to have that you want to walk out you walk out like you walk out you want to look good.

You want to have a shine. So fourth thing my favourite beard alert on the boat and try it. Gotta have is the four-step ok this is the fourth step that this is your beard oil. This has almond oil i have shared this in the last video almond oil. What that does is that it helps with really you want a thicker beard that’s what you will also have a hobo oil it’s a natural oil.

Its the closest natural oil. And our body produces natural so you want to be able to purchase your skin I’m not just your beard with this skin under your beard with that so you just apply this to your beard. So these are the four steps you want to go through when you want your day the routines with you on that.

Oh lastly i can’t forget this. I’ll shave sometimes got to get the men who are shaved special shaving under here. This is addison here not to dry the sleek shave. Shaving cream pre-shaped so even if you’re not using a razor. Use an electric razor put this in on your skin where you going to shave okay. And wipe it off the usual electric razor if you’re shaving with a razor. Then you already know what to do we just keep it with you shave it off with razor.

This is really good as well. So I mean this is a very great shaving cream also have the shave not put alcohol on your skin. Irritation skin dries your skin up not irritate your skin. Ok you want to do is aftershave this is their brave aftershave told this is the most healthy way. If you did you are shaving so you can find solo noir This is your boy b with the beard. You’ve got any questions concern again leave them at the bottom. If you have not subscribed please subscribe somewhere please subscribe I am out.


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