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Hey guys what’s up i have come up with another video. Today i’m basically going to show you beard care and basically just daily tips for straighting your beard. And applying massage wax and other various products. Going to start off by showing you guys to my our my office. Here kind of what you got going here. So you can see here i got myself essential products for my beard. I’ll get into detail with all those are down my blow dryer doesn’t have any specific one just one you can put me put attachments on.

You know these are some of the attachments like those two you don’t even need them all i’ll give you guys other ways to do it throughout the video. Then basically help ease all right. Now we’re going to have a beard tool it’s essential you know. Take some time chill alright so now i’m going to actually get into all these things are that i have in online. and all these accessories i have for my beard.

First and foremost to have the scissors are these are basically essential product that you need. If you want to grow you know if you want to groom alll the way you need this. These are what putting some money into you. Because the ones that are sold they want to cut your hair is we’re trying to trim like they’re just kind of beard. Mean all you want the sharp ones they’re kind of expensive.

You know 50 60 bucks for something on what worth it. Here i got some beard balm from your bronco. I really like this is have you hold this for my going to find that the whole line. Is necessary probably go tomorrow already explained the smell. But this is some good something very happy with this got. My mustache comb is essential you know what you’re putting her off mustache wax. And you know this helps spread it out very good into your mustache. Works a little better than normal communication moment I got the same way.

I’ll get my brush here Zeus stuff basically home mustache wax this is a temple smoke by be rebranded like this one a lot of media mold. then just various periodicals that made up towards your goals I kind of make my own and only by it much. And then right here it’s got a standard a blow dryer doesn’t mean specific one. You don’t even need all the attachments i have these attachments to that I use. I use every day you don’t have to use other ways to get around it which I’ll show you.

Now kinda just jump into all what I do basically started a wannabe in my day off the shower alright so the first thing I do is. I straight my beard is you can tell right now would this side of my beard kind of curls honor it doesn’t look like uniform throughout this treatment. So start off by showing you guys the quick way to straight if you have that problem here is not you know uniform it’s a straight you want to look at it like straight. I’ll show you how to do that so kind of do a dry run because i’m not gonna shower just know i was so pretend my beards where I know.

We’ll start off by doing this i’ll start with this beard. Basically all the dry around here so you guys can still hear me what I’ll do exhale do it you know target going on go on medium heat with a low so low speed you don’t you have obviously can fucking burn a hole in your beard no completely suck. So bad news first this one here’s where the first process of straightening out and just woke the bottom miles out basically use your one.

You’re on that same process for a little while until it is basically dry once it’s dried actually letting us that back here. So this is the first time you saw was just drying and you can just do that until it’s dry. You know now if you don’t have that attachment you can just use one of these it might be a little bit more a little harder but it will basically be the same thing. You’re kind of always involved in her down will be the same process.

And you’re going to use just use a comb with only a matter of point.  The next step in this process that i do. This is the first and by the way you today to straighten it out before applying any sort of products.  Take this attachment basically just take it down now because now you can see it will be more scholars. He knows it’s not wet what happened this after his wet you really flare out there is not going to start out the same thing you take this you just go down and all that flared out will come down to look pretty straight.

I’d like to finish my kind of going on in all of. At the same time and then it should be straight. And they’ll straighten just make sure you’re running through it with this. Just in a flaring out basically straightening it out until it’s completely dry are all dried and then you just put it down with the other attachment. Alright guys so basically what’s all straining process down you got your beard straight. Next thing I like to do is I’m going to a mustache wax can use my double smoked by up your brand right.

Now my massage comb so it’s a pretty standard you know use your fingernail good piece on there you know you scoop it off your fingernail and you rub it in between your fingers a little trick out you do. I mean I depends on the consistency of your mustache wax on our lot thicker than others this little fluid. So I don’t need to really do this with this one but some of the other ones strong roles. like to take my off those are kind of just heat up that will make it a little more valuable.

And use your work and then just roll between rows really nice thing to do that. And then you just apply it into your mustache top and bottom. So I can kind of lather it in time I straight. That i’ll take my comb and just running through towards me times and decided to saw you distribute this no access rights. And then a few times let’s go over again. And you can see it’s nice and spread beard for the size.

There and then again if you want to keep. You see those are little pieces. And therefore must actually sometimes just take the blow dryer blowing in there go through together. We’ll get rid of those next to do the pain today or what I’m doing let’s say. I’m going out friday night probably use my beard balm just kind of shave. I’m even more little bit and then keep it nice and straight well otherwise it’s just the other week, I’ll just throw in my of your oil so today I’m not going to use a beard balm.

Just going to go with the oil just put a generous amount of your hands. Say and no much rub it in to your old beard make sure you get in there nicely. And i’ll take my brush always start my brush. And then I called because then my beard is little harsher on there. So once i have a brush over while kind of more bigger with him between the broad results are the comb you know the wider ones.

First not go to a normal comb kind use this in and kind of get the finer. And gone that weapon which have my beard. I’m ready to go this is kind of well do all day this is like all that morning. Morning routine and then throw the rest of the way home just reapply. Mustache wax because for me at least I found that I had really funny mustache wax it will ask me all the time you some heavy old ones.

To avail early so i kinda just reapplied a few times throughout the day. Same with the beard little may be applied in one more time for going to sleep or something. But for the most part of me this was one of you pretty much every once in awhile treatment. You know basically the waitrons they do everything. That I just showed you guys and then I look for about standing here is like little ones.

And i just cut those only have any right now because I’ve been training a lot recently. Another thing that I do a lot of time actually his own you can see right here this line. This line here are sometimes it gets out. And you’re up here up here and then not up here and there are still being. All won’t be a straight line.  What I’ll do is?  All i’ll cut that it’s not like it’s nice straight line right here in both sides.

So i’ll cut that you know the scissors in a straight line all the way up. And all use a razor to get like the little hairs was like a little scruff. It’s still there and just like that’s how I want you to keep that line straight. As far as daily beard not here that’s pretty much all at you know the main part is with straightening. That’s what really makes the difference when we go straightening and then trimming.

Your beard look nice and straight. It’s just that’s what really does it makes it good. And the rest is kind of your standard itself. Thanks for watching, subscribe leave any comments or questions below and strong and almost immediately thanks for watching beard on.


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