Homemade Beard Growth Serum

Hi George Bruno here also known as the Sultan of silver. I want to share with you a little recipe for a serum that it’s a homemade serum. That stimulates beard growth, hair growth and if you here’s your homework due to don’t you look up two things castor oil and also rosemary oil. Castor oil it’s about it’s as thick as syrup. Rosemary oil at it’s as thin as water.

I take an eye dropper bottle and I fill it up almost to the top. About three quarters with the castor oil. And then I will fill the rest up with the essential oil of rosemary oil. I’m guessing about six seven bucks at a health food store. I get at Whole Foods castor oil. You can get anywhere any pharmacy walmart. So what I do is I put in a dropper bottle and the reason why i put in a dropper bottle is.

In the evening for go to bed I get a drop your fault and I put it in the beard. At the top in the beard and it will run down the beard and it stimulates hair growth. If you google two things hair growth and castor oil and hair growth and rosemary oil. Look up those things and do the research yourself.

And then I take a comb a wide tooth comb long one of these. And I do this action here and I go down with it. So i’m kinda like massaging that oil into the beard. Now you’re going to go to bed smelling like a salad. But I started doing this on areas that were a little bit thinner. And my beard has grown very very thick it’s quite anything that people claims.

That people claim that grow hair nine times out of ten is nonsense. And I’ve tried everything and being in the hair business I find that, I stay away from things with big giant claims things that have miraculous claims. And I tend to be on the more natural side of things. I tend to use less chemicals more things. More things like bees wax shea butter essential oils. That type of thing I put that on every single night before I go to bed.

Now it’s on your skin you’re not putting in your hair so it’s not like you’re applying the beard oil. You are applying it to your skin your massage again into your skin if you have a short beard put some on your fingers and massaged into the skin like I said. You’re going to smell like rosemary and that’s i can think of worse.

Thanks to smell like but it will stimulate the follicles you’ll feel a tingling and it brings blood flow to the follicles. And blood actually helps the follicles work and create hair. Your mileage may vary as they say it works for me give it a shot try it for a month. This is not the product that was telling you about a year ago that I drink every day. There’s another thing that I’ve been drinking that helps promote hair growth.

This is something totally different this is topical. This is not something you ingest, so try it but before you do it look up two things. Hair growth and castor oil and hair growth and rosemary oil. I think you’re going to like the results that you get from using this every day. I do it every single night before going to bed and like i said if you put it
through the beard with the eye dropper bottle.

You’re not going to get it in the beard is going right through the hair to the skin that’s important. Eye dropper bottle that’s a one-ounce bottle you can probably get that for two dollars at whole foods castor oil.

Six seven dollars rosemary oil six seven dollars give it a shot. See if it works for you. Again my name is George Bruno also known as the Sultan of silver. You can find me on instagram at George a Bruno. My business Facebook page George Bruno luxury hair experience my website GeorgeBruno.com. With all kinds of tips and tricks for hair and beards and all kinds of stuff. And my youtube channel which you’re watching called gray Bailey. Thank you so much for watching. I really really appreciate it.


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