How To Deal With Curly Beards | Eric Bandholz

Aha, what’s going on internet, it is your boy Eric Bandholz back again with another awesome episode from Beardbrand. Wanted to talk to you guys, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about curly beards and how do you straighten your beard. Well first off beards are meant by design to be curly.

I don’t know why, they just are. The hairs are actually a little bit thicker, a little coarser and a little flatter and what happens is when it’s like that, it tends to make the hairs curl. So really you could try to straighten it with a straightening iron or maybe blow dry the heck out of it in a certain way, just spend a lot of time, but what I’d really encourage you to do is embrace it.

Curly hair where it may not allow you to have as long of a beard quickly. What I does make up for length it adds in density and thickness ,or at least it’s going to appear. That way because the curls are going to make it harder for light to show through. So keep the curls, they make it dense. You know, a lot of times people will talk about how beards are just face pubes. And how I’d respond to that is beards aren’t face pubes, pubes are actually penis beards.

Think about that. Penis beards. But that’s about it you’ve got a curly beard, awesome man love it, live it. I’ve got these cool waves in my beard you know, it makes your beard unique it, makes it its own. Embrace it my friend just like other things with you, embrace who you are and let others not dictate how you need to present yourself, let you dictate to the world. As always thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing. Cheers and beard on.


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