How to get another .5 to 1.5 inches length on your epic beard.

Hi Jorge Bernal with you also known as the Sultan of silver. I want to show you how your beard hair grows, how most of you that is and what you can do one little tip to possibly make your beard up to a half inch or inch longer. By doing one little thing hair grows in AC curl C curl. Ok C curl in the sense that it literally grows like that after that see completes itself and everyone is different.

Some people get a seat girl like that some people get it like that my C curl is three inches my hair goes in one direction 43 inches and doesn’t start going back in the other direction after three inches and it becomes an S Curl. Ok that is the full cycle of growth and then what happens is it goes again and again and again and again and it goes like that.

Now here i just have a piece of wire, the first C curl and it becomes next pearl now just for demonstration purposes only this is not accurate this is just a demonstration. This is obviously not to scale I have a yardstick here and this is at about 11 inches right. Now ok it’s got several c curls several s curls and it and it’s 11 inches now let me just for demonstration purposes.

If I take that very same hair and stretch it out it’s now 16 you got that it went from 11 inches to 16 inches that’s a very very long hair you could imagine that would be going down to your belly if it’s starting like below your lip. I mean it’s literally at my belly but what’s interesting is when your hair is curled up it’s shorter in life. If you want to get it’s a secret of guys who want a little bit longer hair let me move this back is that you blow-dry downward take your blow dryer and you blow dry downward.

Remember I said you don’t hold the blow dryer up and then just go like this you follow the comb with the blow dryer so the blow dryers on and you’re going following what the nozzle is like right. Here blowing on the hair heat plus tension equals straightening down. I don’t need to do it only because my beard hair is already pretty straight it doesn’t really have much of a curl but for guys who have really curly hair if you have kinky hair that grows like a corkscrew that’s going to be harder to do.

You’re going to have to put a lot of conditioner and a lot of oil in it. I shape and trim some beards that i can only come with like a detangling comb where the teeth are like a half inch apart and that’s the only way I can get through the beard. And then increasingly more narrow teeth and then eventually with a pic kind of thing and then I might be able to get in there with a detangling brush and blow dry the beard down but for me to do that to somebody I know that it’s it’s uncomfortable and it causes pain and I don’t.

When you sit in my chair I don’t want you to be in pain I want to relieve your pain and I don’t want to cause pain so keep that in mind for yourself. If you want to get another half inch or an inch or inch and a half out of your beard you could straighten out you can completely straight now or almost straighten out your S Curl and automatically your beard is going to be a little bit longer.

I hope that helps George Bruno also known as assaulted of silver you can find me on instagram at George a prune on facebook jorge bernal luxury experience my website George you can find me on linkedin – if you want to do business with me. If you have ideas if you want me to host videos for you if you want me to do voiceover for you and your in the production industry me to MC a show or host a live show i do a lot of live work and I’m very good at improvising on stage as well just some little things that i would offer but you will find me on linkedin and you’ll see reviews of much of my media work on linkedin and then of course on youtube as grey Bailey.

Please like this video subscribe to the channel forward this video to friends that you think would benefit from it and maybe i will see you at the 2016 national beard and mustache championship in Nashville. I’m not sure if I’m going to be there if you want me there let me know that would be kind of fun if that’s something that you think you want to do all right thank you so much for watching I really really appreciate it.


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