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Everyone joining holiday here the bearded man with the victim really excited to share today. This is a critical kind of how to for a lot of people i know that i wish i had to be like this years ago when i had my first couple of beard of. How to safely trim your beard. But before we get to it i’d like to thank all the new subscribers here on YouTube. But it’s great i got great feedback for a ton of you.

I got a lot of good questions and all the gala great suggestion is going on. Really excited to hear from you guys. So if you haven’t subscribed yet got a link up there. I subscribe also people got on Facebook, Tumblr, all my social media links down below in the description. So definitely connect with me on their login from you guys. But getting to it how to safely trim your beard.

In the life of your beard there’s gonna be one point in time where your beard is going to get the most dangerous . That could possibly point and that’s when you’re trimming your beard. And I speak from personal experience and the fact that a lot of things can go wrong. And they go wrong very quickly and you end up shaving your beard. Because what usually happens is you try to trim it and you think you’re going to trim it and next thing you know you take a little bit off here.

A little bit off there and you’re giving things out. And then when you hit the frustration point that’s when things go very wrong. So I’m going to give you some great tips today. On how to set yourself up for the best successful trim for your beard. And usually starts out before you actually trim your beard. So I’m going to work over some rules here. That I like to use myself that I’ve lived by that keep myself safe here.

And the number one rule is when you decide to actually trim your beard have yourself have a waiting period of. You know i like to wait about a week of diagnosing. What I want to do with my beard. I’ll sleep on it so I’ll think about it i’ll look at them over the next couple days. And i’ll say you know I don’t really want to do this and it’s surprising how many times that. During that waiting period will actually change my mind and let my beard just keep going.

And this is really important because you don’t want to make a snap decision with your beard. You want to be really positive sure that you want to trim it ok. So i always say just have that waiting period of time I usually like to go for a week. I think that’s a really good time but you can go shorter if you want to really bent on controlling your beard.

So that’s really saved me a lot of times is making sure that you’re one hundred percent positive going to trim your beard. Now when you want to trim your beard you want to have a clear idea of what you’re actually going to do and set some boundaries. Because you don’t want to get into the business of just start trimming and then you’re just cutting everything.

And next thing you know you have no beard left. So we’re gonna do – I’m gonna do some actual on camera trimming my beard. I’m really excited to do this is gonna be a nice hands on how to. So for now we’re taking me as an example today. I’m just gonna be doing this little area right in here on the sides okay. So that means that my beard grows for today or just to clean up this these extra hairs.

I’ve been going on a little long it’s been about a month since my last trim. So that means that i’m only going to be able to trim this right in here ok not up here. Definitely not here my beard grows for right now for the next couple of months is to let the front here grow a mustache grow.

So when I going to trim only stick it to this. That way I’ll get myself in trouble so i think i’m just going to tie this up a little bit here now that’s a bad news city let me tell you again to a lot of trouble really fast doing that kind of stuff. so set a clear goal have clear guidelines of what you intend to do and stick to it. You better to walk away and instead of cutting out too much.

And that’s another great point is there’s a saying in the beard community that’s great to live by. When in doubt grow it out. So if you’re not too sure should I try that maybe I not at that point the decisions already made. Do not touch it you want to be a hundred percent sure have a clear goal clear guidelines of what you intend to do and stick to.

Otherwise you can get yourself into trouble. So if you get past that point and say yeah I’m definitely in my beard. And you’re set on you wait a couple days and now you’re ready to do it. Here’s some suggestions never ever trim your beard or touch your beard in a way that you’re going to alter it. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any kind of substance that’s going to impair your judgment or your triming skills.

On you you want to be really clear headed when he is sober mind. So make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and I got steady hand. Again you don’t want to do it when you’re depressed, tired you do not want to be trimmed your beard on those circumstances. So like if you’re at coming home at the end of a long day you know you’ve been out all day at work.

It’s a terrible time to try and trim up your beard that. You should give yourself some nice time you don’t wanna be rushed or like in the morning you’re trying to get out the door you don’t wanna be rushed you want to have a nice time you can put aside for yourself to just be you and the beard spend some time together and trim it up.

These are really key things because you want to have the best possible chance for some great results. So you don’t give you something to too much trouble. now there are a couple of ways of trimming my beard there’s the Clippers, is the scissors is numerous ways that people like to do it up going.

I’ve come to my own way of how i like to do it so we’re going to do is. I’m going to bring you down stairs down to the lab and we’re going to do so my on-screen trimming. So let’s buckle up all right we’ll bring it down. Alright so now we’re getting to it now this is a where things start to happen and there’s a couple more rules that you should be aware of. Before you actually start cutting or clipping.

And that is a lot of times you get out of the shower you’ll notice that your beard is like super frizzy. Hair just everywhere and you might be tempted to trim it then. Never ever trim wet here because that is not your true beard. I always want to trim your beard when it’s completely dry. So always keep that in mind do not trim your wet beard. Because what happens once it dries it will look really weird because you were cutting hair.

Is that weren’t really where they were supposed to be and this can always lead to a problem of a miss shaped beard. So remember a dry beard is only one that you cut ok. So here we are I have a mirror in front of me. I just want to make sure that you guys didn’t think I was just magically going to trim my cheers from the camera got a mirror in front of me.

I’ve changed my shirt as you can see here wearing a white shirt and a white background behind me this is key guys. This is really key you want to have the best look possible of seeing what you’re actually working with. So white shirt or if you have a lighter beard where darker sure you won’t have some sort of contrast between you and you and the beard. So you can see the hairs are sticking out the ones you want trim to someone about your background.

If you’re in between the bathroom and I’ll you have a shower stall behind you put a blah you know a towel a light coat. I’ll whitetail based on whatever you want to have a nice delineation of seeing what you’re working with here. Now like I said earlier there’s two different ways that most people trim your beard.

Besides going to a barber now you might say joining want to go to a barber. Well there’s a lot of talented barbers out there. But a lot of them at the same time are definitely with trimming really large beards. They might be the line you up properly but it’s always a great skill to have the beardsman to be able to maintain and trim your beard into special relationship too. So keep that in mind but getting onto it trimmers scissors these are two methods most people will use to trim your beard.

I’ve used both have used both to varying success. I’ve had my own preference and mostly basically come down to what you’re more comfortable with. Now we start the trimmers I’m not going to use these today but i’ll show you the basic principle how these work. So with the trimmer you want to put some sort of guard on it this is a three yeah. And with the trimmer how you gonna work this is going to work it from coming down like this. We’re going to come right in here and down like that. You don’t want to move in with it ok. So you don’t want to cut into your beard.

Now before I’m getting ahead of myself here you can see. I’m excited for my view today what you really want to do is you want to brush your beard out first or combing out. I’m a comb guy used to be a brush guy I kind of go back and forth personal preference again. So as you can see i’m going to just brush it like this get it nice and fluffed out. I want you know see what I’m working with here during the course of the day. Especially after you wake up in the morning your beard might be laying a different kind of ways. And the hairs might not be true whether supposed to be.

I’ll do a video on how to find your beard style and how to shape it and maintain it. As you can see I’m just coming like straight down yeah I never come in. I just want to go straight down because basically I could just come out like this flip the comb around. So it’s not even though the teeth just kind of like Pat it down into place. And then you would start to trim your beard because anything to find out what’s actually really hanging out here and what needs to be trimmed.

Like I said you would take the clipper and you just come right in here and you go pull it out and away as you go down you don’t want to cut into it. We cut into again take a whole bunch of stuff off that you don’t want to lose. Remember that you just want to come straight down and out now you can use different guards. If you want i suggest at least one two three four works as well when I usually do my sideburns up here actually go up instead I kind of like a slight fade i use different guards to get a different effect.

So I’d start probably like a 4 here then we’re up to a three here than that to to meet maya to meet my hairline. So but that’s kind of an advanced kind of thing if you’re into it. Is something to play around with but that’s how I keep these really a short in there. But getting to my favorite most preferred method is the scissors. The reason i like this is so much is because i feel i have a lot more control with them. And i feel like i’m able to really get in and get certain hairs instead of just coming out the clip and just take a whole bunch of them off.

Comics nervous sometimes so I like to just even just use standard little hair cutting scissors. Nothing fancy you have to spend you know a thousand office on a pair scissors. Anything will do you want to avoid all the kitchen scissors get something. That’s meant to cut hair because you don’t want to be pulling at your hair as you want them to actually cut. So without further ado I’m going to reflow.

Sometimes it just feels good just to be fluffing your beard. It’s also fun to look at to get to get a good little look and see how much you actually dealing with here. It really nice and out. Remember right now I’m going to reassess my beard goals for this trimming operation on. And that is i’m only sticking to write in here and the right over here. I just want to trim up these sides right in here.

It’s a little bushy it’s a little out there it’s been about a month. And I can I see some already it’s really simple here’s the thing is when you’re actually using the scissors you want to stay parallel to your beard. As you’re moving around you don’t want to be cutting into it like this are made cuts inside or do anything funny. That you will always keep it parallel to whatever you’re trying to do. So you’d always be parallel with the scissors to your face and following your face shape around that way not digging into the beard.

Doing anything silly now when I’m making these cuts here that just basically Crump’s you don’t want to make a big huge sweeping cuts just taking a little crumbs off here. And there it’s good to keep your home your comb in hand. Again I’m just sticking to exactly what i’m told myself. I was going to do I’m just stay on the sides here don’t let myself in child too far. When I feel like I’ve gotten enough of the long hairs cut just take my comb again reef love you want to expose those long here that are hiding in there.

And if you just give it one pass you’re not going to get really that much of a good trim form. You can just come back in your crumbs always tell yourself here’s what crumbs to come off no sweeping cuts. Because when you make sweeping cuts you feel the need to make sweeping cuts on the other side. And sweeping cuts went to more sweeping cuts and that’s when you get yourself into big trouble.

So again we’re just trying up a little crumb cuts. Now the thing is if you are looking to not trivial but – actually shape your beard. And i’ll do a video on that soon to is with shaping a beauty would just continue to do this. over and over and over again until you get the desired shape. Now the last time I shaved my beard was probably about two months ago to get this straight shape. I had let it grow completely free.

I did the whole shaping and everything like that so you just continually do this process over and over and over again until you get the desired shape you’re looking for it. Now when i did the shaping of this beard it was about to me about an hour. So that’s why i say you want to always give yourself enough time adequate time.

You don’t wanna be tired you know because you want a good decisions you won’t be rushed. I’m a big fan grooming in general. So I this is kind of a zen-like for me when I do it. And all that people like that too so it’s a good thing to enjoy.

Ok just looking to fluff it up check and recheck and whenever you reach a point where you ask yourself. Am I done. I done that’s the longer you stopped. Because once you have the doubt that’s when you stop that’s always an automatic. It’s a good rule to live by is when the indecision comes to you. That means it’s time to quit so I myself am almost there right now when your mirror you want to kind of shift your head around two. So you can see lines that you might not have seen your hair sticking out date. You can see before ok it’s that simple.

Can be a little intimidating to begin with. The first couple times you do it. But you get more common all the time it’s a great skill to have built a great bonding experience with your beard. So that basically does it really simple straight forward stuff. Don’t be too intimidated don’t get carried away. Members set those rules for yourself. Don’t get to get caught up in the whole evening out. Moving things back and forth and string from your beard goals.

Of what you want to do during the trim and that’s just that easy is that simple. But I can get out of hand really quick. Mustache needs a little work but I’m gonna do a separate video how to tame it, how to trim into the ends yeah. That should be interesting so if you haven’t subscribed make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel. Here the beard Baron it’s always great to have you guys on here.

Let me know what you thought about this video. Comments, likes all that stuff that let me know anything you’d like to see any questions. You might have about this i’m more than happy to help you guys out. You hit me up on Facebook, Tumblr all my social media. Mean while check the links down below and okay so have a great day. Talk to you later.


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