How To Style A Handlebar Moustache

All right, hello people of the Internet this is Nate from the gym. Is a gentleman of the guild of beard in Ohio’s official beard and mustache club and Ohio’s first chapter of beauty in USA. I’m here to answer a question that I get all the time which is.  How do you style a handlebar mustache for someone who’s never done it, as someone who does it relatively frequently.

I’m going to show you super quick and easy how it’s done. It’s really not difficult at all. The other questions people ask me all the time is. Wwhat do you use as our wax that you like? And the answer short answer is no.  What I use is this product here it’s got to be glued spiking a hair glue. The reason I use this instead of wax is because it comes in super easy. It holds up pretty well to the elements and most importantly it washes out super easy to. So you can kind of go back to looking normal again.

I guess when you’re done rocking the mustache. So you know I’ve tried the waxes before and they’re i’m not saying, there aren’t waxes that are good. And a lot of people are going to disagree with me. But i found it you know a lot more difficult to work with a clump. Either too thick you got to heat them up and this is just a lot easier in my book. So let’s get started all you really need is this a comb with some fine teeth. Preferably and if your mustache is big enough you want something to act as a curler.

Lot of people use like toilet paper rolls or your hands or something like that.  I’m going to use this little of mr. bottle right here. I used to miss my beard sometimes give it some volume and it will act as a curler for me a few minutes. So the very first step for me I’m styling my mustache. I’ll take a little bit of this glue and just kinda spread it across some of the teeth.

Here almost like a toothpaste on a toothbrush and just kinda work it in there with your fingers. So it’s kind of evenly distributed onto the teeth. And then just get in there and comb it in to your mustache. And i usually do my mustache one side at a time. It’s just easier that way so get in there and coming in. Until it’s not really looking like you got a bunch of glue in your mouth. Come in there pretty good and then you kind of just start working it with your fingers.

So we got a little bit of a clumping in there you can just start working with your fingers. For me I like to seems to help kind of keep the hairs together. Iif you give it like a little twist like this. So choose a direction where forward or backward towards you. And kind of just twist the end until you feel like you’ve got some solidarity in your mustache. And it’s kind of all sticking together as as a unit like that. So if you want to straight mustache it I can do the English mustache do it straight instead of curl it. You can actually just kind of hold it like this for a few minutes or you can take a hair straightener and running across there.

And we’ll stick pretty well we’re going to do the traditional curly handlebar mustache today. So I’m going to take what I’m using is a curler a little spray bottle here wanna get it nice and twisted and straight and then I put this against my face here and wrap you can see wrap the mustache there along the contours of the bottle. Whatever you’re using this style and that’s going to make sure that the two sides of your mustache have any even curl. When this is all done. He’s kind of want to wrap it on there and leave it for about a minute or so kind of keep going over it with your finger.

Really try to glue it to the bottle much as you can there. We won’t get glued to the bottle. You’ll be fine it’s not really glue and just kind of work it on there. You just kind of hold it chill out talk to yourself in the mirror a little bit we talk to whoever’s on youtube whatever after a little bit after a minute or so he’s kind of take your fingers and brace against the front of the mustache keep it where it is you pinch it off the model pull the bottle away damn big ol sweet girl there.

Ok pretty much as simple as that so that’s halfway done. You’re going to do obviously the same process to the other side. And you’re kind of going to be in good shape. So let me do that real quick I’m not gonna make you watch me do it again and that will come back all right we’re back here as you can see.

I’ve repeated the process on both sides and my mustache is looking pretty awesome. Right now you might have some minor adjustments that you have to do after you curl both sides. Sometimes one side will be higher than the other. So you just kinda give it a tug up or down one side is got a little more curl. And the other you just kinda work it with your fingers pinched it around. But for the most part I’m in pretty good shape. Right now might want to keep like a square of toilet paper on hand or something sometimes.

When you come this glue in your mustache you’ll get it on your epson you can kind of get some chapel of action going on and you don’t want that to cramp your style. So I’m just going on here underneath the mustache and over the lip and get rid of any excess product that you got and you’re pretty much in good shape.

I think you’re ready to hit the town and impress some folks with your glorious rockin mustache. Like I mentioned before downsize your mustache you want to use a you know something with a bigger circumference to style of yours. Is longer than mine or maybe something a little smaller like a pan of even more like a marker. If your mustache a little bit shorter if it’s super short you just want a little bit of crony and you could probably just make it happen with your fingers.

Once again this has got to be glue is a product. That i’ve used for a long time and it makes me pretty happy. I’ll you put some in my beard sometimes just a little coming through. And just kind of keep this rock-solid squared go to think that I’ve got going on. But if you guys have any question that’s definitely leave it in the comments or find us on facebook at / gym see gentlemen

If you’re watching this video before october six 2012. And make sure you come to beard con are huge state beard wide I’m sorry statewide beard. And mustache competition it’s gonna be incredible. It will be at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in columbus ohio. So don’t miss that if you’re watching this after october six 2012 and do you know good luck with your mustache and i hope this is serve you well.

Have an excellent day I’m a good.


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